At Elitex we believe everyone can become elite.

One stop solution when it comes to trading and using crypto.


Providing you the highest liquidity, no withdrawal is held back on our account. We are ready to send you your profits straight away. To limit any fraudulent activities and keep you from losing your funds, we have limited all the non-KYC withdrawals to 2,000 USD per day. All KYC verified users are able to withdraw up to 500,000 USD per day.



Needless to say that security is our #1 priority. EliteX provides a reliable, safe and stable environment for trading via PC and  Phone application. The security verification will be   done by reputable third party company already in Q1 2022 and announced  publicly.

We never stop innovating and improving our products and services in technology, security and user interface.



We know how important is the reaction time of the Exchange is when you are entering or exiting an important trade.

Our development team has worked very hard on the backend, to make the trading interface react in a blink of an eye, to meet the demands of traders in any level.

At Elitex, we make sure your transactions are

  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Liquid

We believe everything matters.


What is farming?

Farming or Yield farming involves staking or locking up your cryptocurrency in exchange for interest or more crypto.

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What is staking?

Staking is a way of earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies.

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Where is Elitex headed?

Our mission is to make trading simple and understandable for beginner traders and fuel the Elitex EX token as one of the leading utility tokens of the world.

Quarter 1, 2022

  • Client view interface upgrade
  • New faster wallet system integration

Quarter 2, 2022

  • EliteX Swap
  • Staking in EliteX

Quarter 3, 2022

  • EliteX gaming
  • Community token launch

Quarter 4, 2022

  • Launchpool
  • Auctions